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Have you felt the earth moving on 26th February, 2008? If you felt the earthquake that night a year ago, or not, since then the UK home insurers have received tons of claims related to the damages brought by it.

In contrast to the floods of last summer, when lots of homeowners didn't get their coverage for the damage, leading providers state that most home insurances will be covered for the earthquake damages. In case you have also suffered the property damages, the Association of British Insurers provides several advices to assist you on getting your coverage fast without the noise.

Contact your insurance provider as fast as you can

The sooner you contact your provider, the faster they may get an appraiser to value the damage. As well, contact your home insurance company to learn the exact procedures that must be followed. Some companies might have set up a process to proceed with the payouts faster, due to the large amount of claims related to the recent earthquake.

Immediately check if your property has damages that threatens your safety

The earthquake's strength could have caused damage, which makes your home not safe. One of the first things you have to do is check your property to value its safety. Some of the most prone places are roofs, subsistence, tiles, chimneys, and walls.

ontact appropriate services to check your property, in case you think the pipes or wiring are damaged

Fallen masonry, or cracks in walls frequently point to the structural damages of your property. In such case the damage might bring more troubles in the future. In case you think that water, gas, or electric lines into your house could have been damaged, contact appropriate services instantly.

Go to the alternative lodgings, if you have any at your home

Check your home insurance policy for certain advantages, which will make life simpler, in case you must evacuate your property. If the property is damaged by an earthquake and becomes unsafe, your cheap home insurance might cover the expense of alternative lodgings till it's fixed and safe to live in. Certain policies might supply the necessities' replacement coverage, if you can't enter the property to use them.

Take pictures of the damages to support your claim and get your home insurance quotes

Photos might help your home insurance provider to value your damage faster. Sometimes, the insurer could value your claim without the help of an assessor, but that's odd.

Don't begin repairs till the insurer approves your claim

Be sure that you only hire valid workers and repair contractors. Don't trust doorstop builders.

Do not destroy the evidences

Hold damaged possessions for appraisal and evidence of your loss. Wait till all work receipts are done to receive full home insurance quotes.

If by luck you've escaped the February's earthquake damages, you should still remember certain things. The ABI assumes that every fourth UK homeowner doesn't have a home insurance at all, and many of those, who do, are underinsured. Thus, you have a chance to review your home insurance quotes and policy and make certain you're properly protected.

Did you make a clam on your insurance policy? If you did it because of the recent earthquake or not, please take several minutes to share your experience - write a home insurance review. It's an awesome way to recompense good client service or express your discontent for all those who read, including your home insurance providers.

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