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Today there are many ways you can get affordable health insurance. You can contact an insurance agent by phone or browse for quotes online, and the number of offers you will get will definitely make a good comparison shopping experience. But before your set your mind on comparing the prices, first make sure you understand what coverage types your policy offers and select the one that covers your exact needs. Here are four tips on how to get the most affordable coverage and get the best of your current health insurance policy.

1. What coverage type is best for you?

It's a common pitfall of many inexperienced insurance shoppers to get the first cheap insurance offer without learning what it covers and to what extent. After all, health insurance should cover your specific needs that are strongly influenced by a set of circumstances. Here are the most influential factors determining the type of insurance you might want to get:

Working. The best choice here would be an employer-sponsored group health insurance plan. You can also get an individual insurance plan or opt for state sponsored coverage (in case your income is low).

Self-employed. The most common choice her is an independent insurance plan or a state sponsored policy (for low income individuals).

Unemployed. If you have recently been laid off from a job then it would be best to consider Cobra coverage, or typical state sponsored health insurance.

Student. College students can also go with Cobra pr state provided health insurance coverage.

2. Which insurance company to go with?

When you have defined what type of health insurance suits your needs, it's time to decide which company to get it from. As with any business, there are big reputable companies, medium-sized providers and small businesses, which all offer competitive rates and a wide selection of plans. What company to go with depends on the type of insurance you are looking for, the state you live in and of course the reputation of the company. Try getting health insurance quotes online to see what companies are available in your area or contact your state insurance department to learn if there are any complaints about a particular company. Word of mouth is also a good source of information.

3. Discussing the policy

When you have already decided on the offer, got the health insurance quotes and are ready to make the call to the company or apply for the policy online, it's important to discuss all the provisions of the plan before actually purchasing and signing it. Learn what is included and what is not, especially the things you feel most important to you like pre-existing conditions.

4. Understanding the coverage

Now that the policy is purchased makes sure to learn all about coverage types and amounts delivered buy it. You can ask you insurance agent for an explanation or can read the policy on your own. Of course, it may look a bit confusing at first but it contains all the benefits you will receive when needed so it really makes sense to learn about your coverage actually before putting it to use.

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