Saturday, 8 August 2009

Although both the quality of this company, his name continues to be soiled by a lot of sales practices. Primerica has a licensing agent who only work part time for the company, hopes to make a little extra money on the side. The company also has many agents that can only be licensed to sell life insurance from the people who have been able to do full-FNA and sell the full range of investment products that allow people to "buy term and invest the difference".

Since Primerica's term life premiums are far from cheap, and because it encourages a very aggressive sales methodology that will be done by the many agencies, they are only part time, lack of experience and expertise, methodology that actively encourage the writing of the policy (kick out the house at this time of life insurance with Primerica and change), if Primerica client does not actually "buy term and invest the difference", the client is getting guile. Most of the Primerica insurance placed get replaced by other companies that offer better premiums and better service clients better by the agency.

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