Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company officers, especially the careful in selecting their agents, and ask in detail about their ability, character, and previous experience. They know how important is to look to in each application for insurance, and they urged their agents to make very careful in selecting clients.

Although the sharp struggle for business, the company emphasized and maintained high ethical standards. It cautioned agents not to offer any inducements or make promises that are not valid. It instructed them to remain in the printed text to represent the plan, features, and record companies. Agents overstepping the bounds of reprimanded or dismissed. Officials condemned the public roads running rival companies down in the wild scramble for business. Malpractice, they realized, was injurious to the entire institution of life insurance. They are not building for days, they build for the future.

It is also clear that they are diligent and know that the cheap and fair treatment of policyholders will get public recognition. Claims are paid immediately. Policy that "registered", ie, countersigned by the Department of Insurance, showing that the funds deposited by a special company and are owned by the state as security for the payment when due to their policy.

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