Thursday, 30 July 2009

Primerica financial services company has roots back in 1977, when the founder spearheaded the "buy term and invest the difference" movement that has taken root in some minds the American people as a slow growing discontent with the then-all trends that are sold life insurance.

Primerica in the case of a special life insurance products. Companies that do not handle any other type of life insurance. However, the company also offers investment services, including stock brokers and mutual funds. Bigger than life insurance and financial services company, Primerica offers people a free Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) to help them gain a better understanding of their own personal financial situation, money management habits (good or bad), and financial product needs. The idea with the FNA is to help sales, but also about the people who show what they need and then match those needs with the most appropriate products offered by Primerica.

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