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In general, people still ignore the importance of life insurance. This is seen when there is among us. That were by insurance agents, then we will always avoid, as they are often forced to sell push or selling. And they also often sell products that are not in accordance with the needs the client, so that the client feel disadvantaged. the question: why do they always so? Not because it is their motivation, namely get the biggest commission of this type of insurance product that is not the needs or desires of clients.

From the perception that it can be over, the people we become reluctant when dealing with insurance companies. They have not been made into one of the insurance needs of life for families. Therefore we try to comment about the importance of financial insurance for the family, both short and long term. For example, life insurance. Type of the oldest insurance provides protection against the left (family, heirs) when someone dies, either suddenly or in accordance allegations. This protection is financially. However, this protection can provide financial impact of psychological and other social-emotional. At least they do not feel the loss of all financial support from the people who died.

The Life insurance

In the protection plan, the first step is determining whether you need insurance for protection? with other life insurance is the elimination of funds to protect or maintain the life of a beloved family. If you still have not married or single the better if you buy health insurance. Or maybe you can purchase insurance for illness or ordinary called critical illness insurance. With this insurance, when you diagnosed, then you get the money at once, you can use to demand
day-to-day. This must be accompanied with the investment made on an ongoing basis. For them a rich, purchase insurance is not a must, because for them the benefits of insurance is to protect the family damage left behind from the financial order.

How to determine insurance

Most of the people, want to first find out the costs of insurance products, and then determine how much price they can. This is the inverse approach. Because you should, first step is determining how much deposit you need. This is influenced by many things, such as the age of your children, lifestyle desired by your family, and how much your ability to cover the loss of
monthly earnings.

If you need life insurance for the purpose of certain, to keep the cost of investment for education
children, the calculation amount of the insurance money needed to be easier. At least you should be prepared 6 times the budget of your gross income or 10 times of your net income.

Insurance Of Measure

When you search for the appropriate product form with your income or costs must be paid, life insurance measure might be the best step. Life insurance measure can be taken each year and can be extended for the next year. or you can also buy insurance for a certain period, eg 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years. If you purchase annual insurance measure, the cost of its annual premium will always increase. Because insurance premiums. You mortality increased with the increase in age. When you buy term insurance measure 10 years, the company
akan calculate the cost of insurance premiums are flat or even during the time period of 10 years. As long as you continue to pay the premium each months, your insurance protection remains valid, whereas if you fail to pay annual premiums, the insurance protection You finished with a time limit (grace period) a very short one-month.

This insurance does not have a cash value. This means that if you die in the period specified, then your family receive the insurance money in full. but if not then the premium you have paid you do not accept any return. With other words, the money you lost if you do not die during the guarantee.

When to Buy Insurance

Many people ask, what about the insurance products that provide cash value? Such as unit-linked. Where you can select the type of investment as you want. What you should buy this type of insurance or purchase insurance term and invest the rest? If we compare two things, then buy term insurance and invest the rest will give better results if you knowingly continue to invest. When you include the difficult to set aside funds to invest regularly every month, a product unit-linked insurance can be an alternative.

This product provides the benefits of this type of investment that we can select and with the existing protection. In this product, each year (when you pay the premium every year) you will be charged the same amount of premium, in which some invested (the longer the greater the portion of investment compared with protection) and some other protection and
fees and other administrative costs.

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