Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Before we say anything we would like to make a statement. Don't panic when you are about to file a claim. There is nothing stressful about this procedure so you should not take it as a curse. Take it step by step with it when the time comes. This is how to do it:

1. First of all you have to set the record straight and decide when you need to file a claim. For that you will have to contact you insurer or insurance company and ask them about the claim and how you could do it. You need to try to keep the number of the claim entries as low as possible as it totally affects your rates. We don't guarantee you low rates after you have already given your record twenty entries. It should not make a difference to you - if you are guilty in the accident or if you are not, you should consider one simple thing - payment. Then just give yourself a question and try to answer it - "will I be able to pay the damages myself?"
If you know you are financially stable and you could easily pay a hundred of dollars for some reparations - it is good, but if the answer is negative - then file a claim because it seems like there is no other solution.

2. You should know not to lie about details. Give as much accurate information as you possibly can. If there are witnesses and they could help your case - ask them to make a report too. The more information you will be able to provide - the easier it will be for you to go with the claim and to cover the damages. If the company finds our about a little you that was put into your claim to ease the case - it can result you with a decline.

3. If you just had an accident and you need to file a claim - do it as soon as possible. Please remember that it doesn't matter if you were wrong or right - the insurance company starts acting only after you applied so the sooner you do it the better for you and your accident case, especially if some injuries and losses are a part of the situation.

4. Don't get surprised if you get a call from some other insurance provider. You may be contacted by another party's insurance company in order to establish the details and see your point of view. Please be wise when you talk to the other insurer. Don't give out too many details if you know they won't benefit you. Rite down the name of the person you communicate with. If there are some complications or misjudgment you will have to provide the name of the person that contacted you.

5. The last by not the least - the reparation. If your car suffered enormously you have to get it fixed. The claim will help you by sending it to car shops after the insurance adjuster has evaluated the loss cost. Some claims get processes faster - some take longer due to some complications. But no matter what please remind yourself that your car insurance is there to save you through the difficult day called - the car accident day. Cheap car insurance will be that light at the end of the tunnel that will help you out.

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